Area Pergolesi

Amazement is the word that best sums up the feeling you have at the entrance of the large open space, which is the heart of this space in downtown Milan.

You do not expect something so special accessing through the small entrance of the courtyard, but as in any well-designed architecture space, the surprise effect overwhelms you, in spite of the large quantity of exhibition spaces present in the city there and in spite of the difficulty we face to be amazed. In Italy there is no other structure with the instrumentation system fixed and always available that can turn any fantasy into reality  and fulfill needs with the same elasticity.

The 400 square meters expresses all the charm of a post industrial space: continuous concrete flooring, open space, white walls and large windows equipped with darkening system command allowing you to adjust the light level.

On top, 60 square meters hosting dressing rooms, offices, video editing room, bar area, store and a large outdoor courtyard.

A very technologically structure, characterized mainly by the presence of 12 video-projectors capable of projecting at 360° on every wall, so you can walk in a jungle or on the snowy peaks of a mountain landscape, then throw the sands of the desert.

Our collaboration with Area Pergolesi was born from the common desire to create impact. We want to propose new formats, new forms of communication and create innovative productions.
On the site you will find all the technical information and a detailed description of the services offered and instrumentation available, although nothing can replace a direct visit in Via Pergolesi, 8.