Among the different methods that you can take into consideration to do a correct competitors or market analysis, benchmarking is certainly the one that can bring the greatest benefits and results. Benchmarking is a continuous process where products, services, and processes are measured and compared against those of organizations known to be leaders in one or more aspects of their operations. Benchmarking provides necessary insights to help you understand how your organization compares with similar organizations, even if they are in a different business or have a different group of customers.


Our methodology, quantitative and qualitative, guarantees not only a comparison of indicators but an exhaustive analysis of the causes. This approach offers a valuable context, helping to establish the relevant targets, to obtain information on industry trends and understand the company position compared to other players in the market and therefore to define the best strategies to improve the performance of your business.


The benefits of integrating benchmarking into your organization with Milaners are:

-Gain an independent perspective about how well your business is performing compared to other companies.
-Acquire external KPI measures allowing to monitor the improvements in your business performance.
-Drill down into performance gaps to identify areas for improvement.
-Develop a standardized set of processes and metrics.
-Clearly identify specific areas of opportunity.


Our analysts are highly experienced in the various guises that benchmarking can take: performance benchmarking, product benchmarking, strategic benchmarking and functional benchmarkingThe measure of our success is the great number of satisfied customers, which has been growing bigger and bigger since the establishment of our business.

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