Business Strategy

Milaners’ Corporate Advisory team provides Boards, CEO’s and senior management with practical, hands on assistance to identify opportunities for business improvement and enhanced shareholder value.

We assist our clients with sustainable controlled growth that will take into account your short, medium and long term aims and objectives; with the bigger picture also the ultimate destination. Longevity, profitability and market positioning are key drivers in formulating and implementing business strategy.


We evaluate existing customer interactions, data and capabilities, performance metrics, to create a strategy for the new experience that your firm wishes to provide to its customers. All customer touch points, from digital to in-store to phone, are considered.


Milaners partners with clients to determine how to optimized the firm’s sales funnel from top to bottom. We study the firm’s processes in deep in order to identify the right business strategy to optimize the sales conversion rate.


We help clients quantify investment requirements and evaluate their potential returns. Our approach to business strategy couples qualitative assessments with quantitative scenario forecasts to evaluate the value of digital efforts.


A successful business strategy translate into significant short-term and long-term benefits for the firm, including:

  • A criteria for identifying clients who want you for what you do best.
  • A stronger win ratio when soliciting new business.
  • Direction for how the firm should spend its time, money and resources.

  • A broader — not narrower — geographical market area.
  • Fewer competitors, because fewer firms will do what you do.
  • Better margins, because focused firms command premium pricing.

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