The Project

A unique lamp capable of creating a unique atmosphere, incomparable to other products available in the market nowadays. “Cork Light” inspires deep emotions, involves us in a magic atmosphere that makes us think of the traditional Maroccan houses, called Riad. It is suitable for home use, dining, spas, wellness rooms and wherever ambient that requires non-invasive lighting. So it gives a strong character and new energy to the room.

"With this project, we have brought into the city the cork oaks trees,
inspired by the Portuguese forests."

arch. Luca Drago


To the touch, cork feels velvety and smooth. The perception had by touching it is naturally pleasant, thanks to the absence of processes that alter its quality. We wanted to keep all the properties of the material in full respect of its very nature, treating the lamp as it was still a cork oak. Even from an olfactory level, you will be captivated from the unique scent of its essence.


Cork is a 100 percent natural material that is obtained through an environmentally friendly harvesting process. Cork trees are not cut down to harvest the cork — instead, the bark is harvested by hand every nine years. Cork trees can live up to 300 years, which means they can be harvested about 33 times during their lifespan.


All cork is used, not one gram of cork is wasted. The cork’s processing is relatively straightforward — even waste scraps are collected for use.

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