Milano Design Week 2015

Today it’s the 14th of April 2015.

Today begins the crazy Milan Design Week, where the entire architecture and design world looks at us here in Milan to find the next big thing, the next trend, the next name to talk about.
It’s a great week of discovery and networking, and it feels like living in the biggest and freshest museum you could imagine, surrounded not only by dreamers and their ideas, but also by people who just love this crazy world we are part of.
Milan Design Week is the ultimate brainstorming, and we are lucky enough to have become part of it.

Our offices are, in fact, in the midst of one of the most lively neighborhoods during the Design Week: Sant’Ambrogio, right between the Triennale Cadorna and Zona Tortona. If you are in Milan to visit the Salone you cannot miss us, a lot is going on around here.

We as Milaners have campaigned –hard– to be recognized as Info Point of the area for those who are visiting the design exhibitions, events and museums.
So here we are now: our doors are open, we have the official map developed by our colleagues of Re-Rurban (the curators of the image of the district itself), we have a Neapolitan Pastiera, one cookie and a lot more to share with all of you!

Come see us, we’ll be waiting.