Project Details

A client from a very competitive market in Italy requested us a Competitor Analysis. For this project we decided to use a very interesting marketing research technique called “The mystery shopping”. This is a technique for measuring and monitoring the interactions between a customer and a company or organisation during a pre-defined scenario.

The process involved one of our researchers (the mystery shopper) going incognito so the companies didn’t know that were being evaluated. A survey model was drawn up and agreed together with the client, in this way we guaranteed that we measured the aspects that they were really eager to know; even though we didn’t hesitate in adding some extra findings we considered extremely interesting.

Most of the research was summed up into a document, that visually organized the tons of information managed during the research process, facilitating the identification of the market opportunities and the possible successful strategies that our client could adopt to beat out his competitors and win market share in the short future.

  • Tasks: Market research, Mystery Shopping, Competitor analysis