Snapchat: A New Way to Promote Your Business.

According to some surveys, Facebook is the most loved and used social network in Italy, without distinction of age. It seems, however, that this social network is suffering a downturn because its users post less content every day: in the first months of 2015 only 37% of the subscribers had shared a post on their “Wall”, reason why Facebook introduced “Your Memories” function (memories of photos or posts published previously that appear on the timeline with the possibility of sharing them again. Despite these efforts, the most popular social network of the world seems failing at engaging users as it once did.
Meanwhile another App makes its way: I am talking about Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?
Snapchat is in the middle between a social network and a texting application. It’s a real instant messaging service through photos and videos. Different from Facebook, this social app doesn’t have a timeline and doesn’t offer content archiving. “Snaps”, in fact, self-destroy 24 HOURS AFTER and they are no visible anymore after that: an App which aims to simplicity and to flash content. Apparently, this simplicity is being appreciated by many: we are talking about 200 millions subscribers, from which 256 thousand are Italian. 400 millions “Snaps” per day and 30% of the users are Millennials.

Snapchat for business
The fact that Snapchat is mainly used by young users, 60% of them are between 16-24 years old, can be seen as a positive or negative aspect, depending on your business. It involves a huge amount of Millennials but excludes a large part of the society that could be potential customers for the company.
From a business perspective Snapchat can be used for different themes: the functionality called “Stories” for example, allows users to take advantage of what the company shares daily; the 24 hours self-destructing feature is another positive aspect because it compels the user to watch the “Snap” in a brief time span, favoring the company interests and its activities in a sort of continuous buzzing.
When people reply to your Snaps, only you can see them. This avoids the random negative comments that brands got used to filter on Facebook. So we are talking about a social channel that won’t influence collective brand perception with negative public opinions.
Furthermore, brands can propose discounts, coupons and promotional codes available for the duration of 24 hours only. Considering the short “Snap” and “Stories” duration, users are tempted to buy right away.

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